A big hobby of mine used to be animating sprites from games for use online, mostly for forum signatures and avatars and I plan on taking it back up again so I can have a little accompaniment to the things I write. I mostly use sprite sheets ripped by others, but if I ever have the need, I can do it myself.

Name: Otus

Source: Owl Boy

Sheet: Spriters Resource

Ripper: toby109tt


This was a very easy sprite to animate, the sprite sheet was laid out well so it was easy to split evenly and run through a gif-maker.

Name: Skull Bird

Source: Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony

Sheet: Spriters Resource

Ripper: kendotlibero


Another easy job, split evenly without issues. I have no idea what the game this came from is about, but I thought the bird looked cool.

Name: Link

Source: Four Swords Adventures

Sheet: Spriters Resource

Ripper: Vaati


This was an absolute nightmare. The sprites aren't positioned evenly on the sprite sheet, and since Link moves around so much each sprite takes up a different area. I ended up cutting them all out to size then manually positioning each one on a new layer. I even ended up doing a colour swap for the other three as it was less tedious than individually cutting them out.