I'm Tocavian, and I've been living in the internet since 2006. Before that, I lived in Wales. As a person, I identify strongly with the idea of the millennial, which society has branded me with. I'm terminally online, although my lack of social skills extends even here so I don't have the same experience as a lot of people that refer to themselves that way. In the early days I used to think of myself as a ghost, then eventually a librarian. I existed in online spaces, watched them, and to some extent made myself known, but I never felt like I was really there.

As time marches on, I feel less and less shame about the person I am. A geek, a nerd, a weirdo. As it turns out, a lack of shame about these things lets me feel more connected with people. I can enjoy the things that make me happy and talk about them with others. I feel corporeal. Coincidentally, I also have less of a tolerance for bullshit now as well as those who shit on things other people enjoy.

I used to describe my job as "doing for computers what Robert Redford does for horses" and that's still an accurate description, even if these days I'm also bogged down with also making sure people adhere to standards and regulations just as much as the fun part. My IT knowledge mostly comes from existing online, although the time I spent in university helps a bit too. Over the years I've become a Jack of All Trades, taking interest in various digital tools and tasks and giving myself a little bit of knowledge in lots of areas. My output may not be the most polished, but I'll get something done.

Things I enjoy: Bad TV Shows [Especially ones about superheroes], Bad Movies, Tommy Wiseau, Good Movies, Anime, Nintendo Games, Metroidvanias, Guild Wars 2, Fantasy Novels, Malazan: Book of the Fallen, Haruki Murakami, Calendars, History [Camillo Benso is my homeboy], The Paranormal, The Internet.